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Our Junior Sides

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In the 2017 season the DFC have Junior Teams in Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8.  Unfortunately we have had to play some of our Year 9s down into the 8s side and send those not able to play down over to the Bunbury Bulldogs for the season.  Plans are already in place to create a home again for these boys; however, 3 of these boys have already had their Colts debut in the Seniors competition.

The season has started very well with numbers in most grades at a good level, with only the Year 7s struggling with only 15 registered.  Year 8s are sitting second on the ladder and our Yr 9s (Bull-Dons) at the Bulldogs sitting at the top of the ladder very comfortably. 

Guest keynote speaker, Troy Kirkham came to the club late May to present some interesting findings into his research into Junior Sports.  Troy highlighted the main reasons why children leave junior sport and the main reasons why they stay.  Number one on the list for staying in sport included providing an environment where children have fun.  This will remain our constant focus over the next few years as we continue to build numbers.  Last we ticked this box by having a disco night at the club and in the coming weeks we plan to put together an Ambrose Golf Day for the older junior players. 


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