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Our Mission & Vision

The Donnybrook Football Club board as elected at the 2020 AGM will actively work towards carrying out duties and individual roles to the best of their ability.  The board will have a commitment to the Business Plan and Mission Statement.


They will have sufficient time to devote to the club and have an understanding of its role with respect to appropriate management.  It will display enthusiasm and interest in the club and its members, while showing leadership skills and willingness to accept responsibility for any outcomes that occur.  The board aims to be united, work as a team and achieve goals set out at meetings and via correspondence.


While being open and transparent as a board, we will be focused on our job at hand and keep board discussions confidential until directed otherwise.  We will guide the club towards future growth, be flexible and able to adapt according to the situation at hand.  Every decision made by the board will be in the best interest of the club, player, spectators, officials, sponsors and supporters. A transparent and positive decision making process will be consistently adhered to.

Click Here to Read the DFC Constitution

Click Here to Read the By-Law

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